1.  Use Social Media to Spread the Word
    Share your products and shop page with your family & friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
    The average person spends nearly two hours per day on social media platforms. Given this popularity, sharing your Amazon listings on social media through your business’ accounts is a powerful way of getting your products in front of more buyers.Since your followers expect to receive value from your posts, it’s best to avoid creating posts on your account that are basically ads for your listings. Instead, it’s better to share your listing in more subtle ways that are still helpful to your followers with a story, maybe about your inspiration for that product. Or a promo code or flash deal.
  2.  Get Product Reviews!! 
    This guerrilla marketing method helps increase brand credibility and trustworthiness in addition to word-of-mouth marketing. The power of customer reviews is enormous, 88% of consumers now say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. One of the best way to increase reviews is to simply ask customers to do so.
  3.  Optimize Product Details for Search
    This includes product title, description, product identifiers, search terms, size, color, etc. Don’t skim on this type of information. It’s how customers find your products and know they’re buying the right thing.
  4.  Take Professional Product Images
    When buying online, it’s crucial that customers can physically see what they’re going to buy. And to do that, you need professional pictures of the items you’re selling. Having quality pictures makes you appear as a more professional, and trustworthy seller.
  5. Describe Products Accurately
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but if there is even the slightest difference between the product you’re delivering and what you describe, customers will notice. This can lead to returns and negative feedback.
  6. Discounts!
    Discounts are an important way of converting highly motivated buyers and building lasting relationships.
  7. Free Shipping
    Consider offering free shipping to compete with the big box stores. You can just build the cost into your price.
  8. Endorsed/Influencer Ads
    If you are just starting out or looking to your product in-front of as many eyeballs as possible try our Influencer Ads. Product listings can gain significant traffic through Shop Local’s audience.