Customers use the Shop Local App to find businesses like yours that Give Back.
They Raise Money for their school or favorite nonprofit while doing their every day shopping.

Why Give Back?

  • Cause Marketing is VERY Effective Advertising & creates Loyal Customers!
    A recent study showed 92% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.   Are you making the right impact?
  • You receive positive PR, nonprofits receive support and your customers feel great about supporting a business that is concerned with making a positive impact!
  • NonProfits & their supporters are looking for the local businesses like YOURS that Give Back with the Shop Local App.
  • Support your Customers. They support you!
  • Streamline & track your donations.
  • Now you can say “Yes” to everyone asking for donations! But now instead of just giving a donation, customers have to patronize your business in order to raise money. It’s really a WIN WIN!
  • If you’re tired of paying for advertising and crossing your finger that it will bring you business… this Cause Marketing program is designed so that you only pay after you get a sale! There’s no risk to give it a try.
  • No changes to in-store equipment or procedures – App users simply scan their receipt
  • Monthly transaction reports that allow you to track all your program sales by customer
  • Automatically tracks your “giving history” for all your customers to see

How It Works



Your business agrees to give back a percentage of your sales to your customers chosen nonprofit organizations. You don’t have to do anything besides fill out the form below and you’re all set!



You encourage current and new customers to participate in the program while nonprofits drive their supporters to your business and other participating businesses. Shop Local provides posters, graphics, business cards and more to help you spread the word.


Our partner HuTerra, tracks program sales; shares transaction details with your business; and calculates the give back amount. You are are invoiced for pledged funds which are then distributed to your customers chosen nonprofit organizations.

Pledge to Give Back


Fundraise for Your Favorite NonProfits