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Shop Local Supporting Local Food Movements

Shop Local knows how important it is to support the local food movements that are working hard to increase food security, and ensure the economic, ecological, social sustainability of communities. With the rising prices of food, and the new founded geo-engineering of things we eat, individuals are looking for cheaper, healthier foods. A new movement called “Locavore” is quickly expanding in numbers and across the country. Locavores are local consumers who are seeking to purchase locally grown food options from local producers within their communities. This collaboration between local farmers and the consumers has many benefits for all involved.

The foods produced locally are generally healthier for you and our environment, as they are not grown with harmful chemicals. Local farmers are giving the local communities a way to provide a healthier lifestyle for their families.

Local eating also promotes interpersonal relationships. The consumers have the ability to build relationships with their producers, while they learn about the healthy foods that they are purchasing. These types of relationships are becoming fewer, as consumers flock to big retailers, who are barely visible, nor available, to the consumer who may have a few questions.

Shopping local not only gives you healthier choices, but it also supports the local economy. Money spent with local businesses is generated and benefits more of the community. Compared to shopping with big- box retailers, where your money spent, usually gets resourced into distant endeavors.

The following video describes how it is imperative that the community comes together to support each other. Local producers are dependent upon their community to support their families and businesses. Local customers, who support their local farmers, will have healthier options for purchasing, more interpersonal relationships with their producers, while keeping their money generating though-out their community.


Stay tuned in for future Shop Local stories to learn how you can participate in the local movement.