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You can’t get it at the store, it’s super easy to brighten up with, is great if you have sensitive teeth and beats any whitener I’ve ever tried. Here are the deets if you want a tube.
No Bleach or Peroxide
Really great on wine🍷 coffee ☕️ & 🚬 stains
✅Removes Plaque during brushing too
❤️Takes the place of your toothpaste for daily brushing
👶🏼so gentle and perfect for children

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Hi friends! I love white teeth- as many of you probably know 😄.. But I hate the pain and hassle that has always come along with it. This is why I am super excited about this special whitening toothpaste I recently found through a friend. Wanted to share it with you all. Results look impressive, and there aren’t any harsh chems like bleach that make your teeth sensitive ❤️. Here are some deets!
There’s no Bleach or Peroxide.
Amazing on wine🍷 coffee ☕️ & 🚬 stains.
Brightens Caps, Crowns & Veneers
Removes Plaque during brushing too!
👍🏻way less money than whitening strips
❤️Replaces your toothpaste for everyday brushing.
👶🏼Gentle and great for children

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