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I love working with glass and creating new, unique and contemporary pieces. I rarely make the same thing twice so you can be assured that your piece is one of a kind! I hope you enjoy what you see.

Red Transparent Fused Glass Bowl


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This unique bowl is a beautiful multi-functional or decorative bowl. It would look stunning on the kitchen island, coffee table or end table. A definite conversation piece that you can tell people is your one-of-a-kind! With the contemporary design, it would be a great housewarming present or wedding gift for the modern couple. Or, just gift it to yourself – you deserve it!

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This is a fused glass piece using transparent red glass. Strips of glass are strategically placed to create the design and fired to fused into one piece of glass. When cooled, it is placed into a mold and fired again at a lower temperature to get the shape.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in


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Art and Soul

My shop has two stories.  One is mine and one is about my late husband, Dean. He introduced me to art and changed my life forever.

Dean’s Story

Afflicted with heart disease since childhood, Dean led a lifetime balancing the restrictions of his illness with his pursuit of a productive life.  Art is where Dean found this balance.  He looked at his illness as a positive, as art was his love in life and a rare talent that he developed to an award-winning level.

​While the themes and emotions expressed in Dean’s work vary widely, several of his paintings deal with his illness.  Other works depict his appreciation for friends and family and great respect for nature.  Dean believed that each piece is to be uniquely appreciated and understood by the individual.  If you discover a special connection to Dean’s work, larger prints are available.

​In July 2003, Dean was hospitalized due to complications of his heart disease and underwent a double valve replacement in October 2003.  He was released in December after a 4-month hospital stay.  His wife, Karen, left her job because of the time commitment involved in supporting Dean through two life-threatening situations.  Hospital workers called Dean “the miracle man” in that it was only through the wonders of modern medicine, a will to live and mostly good fortune that Dean survived as long as he did.  Dean eventually passed away in January 2004.

​Your support is greatly appreciated.  I hope that you find great joy and satisfaction from the work of art you have purchased……and so does Dean.

​Artist’s Statement

My work is a personal record of my existence.

It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist.

It exposes certain aspects of my life I am unwilling to communicate.

My work involves describing live in a vertical sense, using linear features.

Color crept into this world, which started out as purely a black and white statement.

Recent pieces have been taken over by color, although drawing remains their ultimate underlying characteristic.

​My Story:

I discovered my love of glass many years ago when planning my wedding.  In the process of the “registering for gifts” part, I was continually drawn to the beauty of the crystal bowls, candle holders and hand-blown wine glasses.  They were elegant, smooth and cool to the touch.  It made me feel special.  It took me away from my regular life.

​As we moved on in our lives, I spent my time working in a structured environment and letting that rule my everyday existence.  Dean spent his time sketching, creating and painting.  He tried to help me see and appreciate art to no avail.

​It was my mother that, unwittingly, brought me back to my love of glass. After she sent me on a journey to find something creative, I started by doing tile mosaics.  It was then I started to discover my creative side.   I moved from tiles to glass mosaics and then I came across fused glass.  Once again, I was brought back to my original love of its elegance and beauty.  I was drawn to the structure but also the fluidity.  Only this time, I realized I could make it myself.  I could pick the colors, the shapes and the patterns.

​I decided that functional, contemporary art was the direction I would go.  I began creating pieces that could be used on the dinner table, hand washed and then put out on display.

Opening the kiln after the firing of a piece is like that anticipation on Christmas morning.  Sometimes it is just as I imagined and sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, the magic of the glass is still there.

​I make a point to create unique pieces so people can be assured that almost every piece I make is one of a kind.

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