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Thank you for being a part of our Shop Local Family!
We want to offer you 80% OFF a Product Spotlight!!

So what is a spotlight?

Have you logged on to a site or Facebook page… and sitting there on the front page is their featured item or item of the day/ week?
By calling attention to a specific item, the company takes some of the guess work out of the shopping process.


What a Shop Local Product Spotlight includes:

Get your product in front of over 200,000 shoppers!!
– Featured on our website
– Spotlight across multiple social channels: Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest (Over 110 posts!!)


And if 80% off isn’t enough...                                                                 

                                 … we have 2 FREE BONUSES for you

BONUS #1:   Sponsored Ad across Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest for 5 days!     VALUE $500
Forget about trying to figure out how to advertise your products across social media… We’ll do it for you!
Besides featuring your product across our social channels, we will sponsor an Ad with customized targeting in place to attract the customers already looking for what you have. Most sponsor Ads reach 4-10 times the amount of views our channels already reach!!

BONUS #2:   Bonus Spotlight Post!!     VALUE $350
How about a post that converts up to 78% of viewers?! We have a proven strategy using customer reviews that we call recommendation marketing. You see 14% of people trust advertising but 78% trust recommendations! We’ll craft a post and feature it across our social channels to create even more buzz and drive customers to your product!

Total Value of $1250

You only pay $79!! (January Only!)


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