KatKreated is actually a mother daughter family business.  Began in earnest in 2020 with a collection of unique, colorful and whimsical sun catchers and wind chimes all hand made and all made with care.  Utilizing colorful beads, natural shells, glass, crystals and other materials a wide array of fun and funky items are created.  The outdoor art is just part of the products available as there is also other beaded articles, mainly eyeglass chains in semi-precious stones, hand knitted and crochet items for the home and style accessories, as well as other unique home accessories that fit into the eclectic and Bohemian style.

Natural Large Shell with Gray Crystal Wind Chime Garden Decoration

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This is a unique piece of outdoor (or in!) decoration as the basis is large shells that have not be cut in any way. Square glass beads and round crystals pic up the sunlight. The natural shape of the shells adds interest and style and the sound from this chime when the breeze is just right is more akin to the far away tone of a gong, rather that tinkle of bells.

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This unique, HANDMADE, wind chime is made from the cleaned shell of the “windowpane” oyster, otherwise uncut and as close to its natural form as may be.

The sound from this chime when the breeze is just right is more akin to the far away tone of a gong, rather that tinkle of bells.

The shells and glass crystal beads are suspended from thin clear line to give the whole piece the appearance of floating light. It is created with two typed of beads: bright, square, clear electroplated and faceted round crystal glass beads which reflect light. Select the color of crystal that best suits your mood or décor or both! The copper pipe is hand polished to a bright shine. Each shell slice was hand drilled and hand threaded onto thin, clear fishing line. On the ends of the copper pipe a colored glass bead is inserted.

Hang it in your garden, in your window, on your porch, in your backyard in your home, the possibilities are endless. Makes a great addition to any décor indoors or out. The materials withstand the elements.

The shells are natural and uncut so there are many variations , but all are at least 3” across, but most are closer to 4” and there maybe some chips and cracks and other natural variants which all serve to make your chime as unique as you!

Each shell is placed on each individual chime in order to maximize the possible sound that it can produce, thus it is a much more organic structure as compared to the Small Shell Chime: https://www.etsy.com/listing/808745800/boho-decor-wind-chimes-boho-wind-chime?ref=shop_home_feat_2

The windchime measures:
• From hanging point to lowest shell: 23 inches
• 14 inches from pipe to lowest shell
• 13 inches across (on a straight line)
• The shells are about 1 inch across
• Made from 9 individual shells arranged for sound effectiveness

***Please note that the copper is not sealed and so over a long time it will begin to take on a natural patina from humid conditions. This will make the piece more unique!***

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