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The New Way to Take a Luxury Bath

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A new technology for luxurious and therapeutic bathing! Quilt-like softness and lightweight even when wet; dries quickly for next use.

THE PROBLEM: We get cold when we take baths!
THE SOLUTION: The BATH QUILT®! It is designed to seal in water temperature, and keep skin comfortably hot! The Bath Quilt® also dries quickly by hanging from the shower head just in time for that next bath!

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Color: White 30″x60″ and non-allergenic lightweight fabric even when wet

Made in the USA by: Intertwined Innovations LLC



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Customer Satisfaction and Return policy on the Bath Quilt®
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction through customer surveys and quality control.
However, we realize some circumstances may warrant a return/replacement.

In the event that you are not pleased with your purchase, we are happy to provide this solution on all
regularly stocked merchandise within 30 days of receipt of the merchandise.

If you received the Bath Quilt® and it appears damaged because of
shipping or a manufacturing anomaly, you may email us a picture of the
original package & product for a Return Authorization # (i.e. RA #) and the
address to return it to. You will be sent a replacement. Sender is
responsible for shipping charges.

Please include following in your email;
o Order Number or Invoice number
o Picture of product in the original package
o Reason for return
o Total number of items you are returning
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Note: Product which has been customized, or damaged through misuse (such as put in dryer,
torn up, contaminated, etc) will not be considered for refund.

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The BathQuilt® is a re-usable, warm and comfortable, quilt like material that is light enough to float on water even when wet.  Our patent pending material is fast drying and mildew resistant.  The BathQuilt® saves on hot water and energy and can even hang from your shower head to dry quickly.
The BathQuilt® heat seal technology allows for longer,warmer bathing, enhancing therapeutic bathing.  A true Spa experience.


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