I’m pretty sure at some stage most of us have felt like all our hard work is generating zero results and nothing we try seems to be working. Am I right?

There’s so many business experts promising success, that it’s easy to start a business thinking that all you need to do is follow a few quick steps and success will inevitably follow.

But the reality of building a business is that it’s so much harder than this, with a lot of trial and error and things probably not turning out quite as you’d hoped first time round. Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming obstacles and navigating twists and turns…

So how do you keep moving forward when you feel totally stuck?!

If this sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to find help and take action, then this week’s video is for you! In it I share 3 strategies to help you break past the barriers.

I wanted to share this video and tips from my good friend Carrie Green. She is the Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and Best selling author of She Means Business.


I hope you enjoy this week’s video and that it helps you overcome the obstacles you might be facing at the moment! 🙂

Please comment below! Do you get stuck when things aren’t working out in your business? What do you usually do to break past that?

Have a wonderful week,
Emmie and the Shop Local Team