Learn how to find the ad formats that best suit your holiday message.

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Facebook can be a great and cost effective way to reach an audience. Below are different types of ads for you to figure out what is best for your business and customers.



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Show more in a single ad

Take advantage of more creative space by using up to 10 images or videos in your ad with the carousel format. Showcase gift ideas, highlight specific details of a product or service, or send holiday wishes.

Use consistent creative

Use holiday images and/or videos from the same shoot or make sure they look similar to each other, such as with the same color schemes.

Link each image to a specific website page

Connect each card with a page on your website. For example, if the image features holiday themed headbands, it could send people to a page that showcases all the holiday themed headbands you sell.

Show the big picture

Create one large image using all of your cards for a more immersive ad experience. Make sure you deselect the automatic optimization when you create the ad.


Turn images into videos in a few clicks

Harness the power of video without the cost and time typically associated with video production using slideshow ads. Simply upload 3-10 images, an optional music track, and beautifully deliver your holiday message on most connection speeds across all devices.

Highlight your holiday deals

Showcase one product or benefit per image. Select an image that clearly communicates the offer.

Grab gift buyers’ attention

Try cropping images, reordering them, adding text, using the fade transition, and changing duration.

Write easy-to-read text

Keep the text short, occupying less than 20% of the image, place it in the same location on each image, and use a color that contrasts well with the background.


Bring your message to life

Tell more elaborated stories with video ads. You can highlight the service you offer, feature your product in action, and deliver your holiday message.

Capture busy shoppers’ attention

Get people interested during the first few seconds of your video by featuring your product or holiday message early.

Use text and graphics to help deliver your message

Make sure everyone understands your ad by using graphics, captions or subtitles to reinforce your holiday message.

Appeal to mobile users

Make your video more visually engaging by using a format better suited to mobile, such as a vertical or square video.

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