Shop Local is teaming up with Downtowns, Main Streets, Chambers and Visitor Centers to provide small businesses with the tools they need to be successful and remain competitive in the ever-changing business climate with our FREE Community Marketing Co-Op Platform!

Benefits to Your County & Community

Free Platform

We offer this platform for free to Associations like Chambers, Downtown organizations and Visitor Bureaus.

Revenue Share

The platform also brings a Revenue Stream to the County and/or Associations.

Create Strong Communities

A Give Back program creates stronger communities by bringing businesses, nonprofits and its residents together.

Empowered Technology

It provides tools to support a countywide effort that creates unity, strength,
and collaboration.

Countywide Media Network

It offers a media network that the County and Associations can utilize and control.

Free Fundraising Tools

The Give Back program offers a FREE fundraising tool for all nonprofits (schools, churches, youth sports, etc.).

Economic Growth
The initiative revolves around the “shop local” concept, which in itself is essential for economic growth.
* $830 billion is spent in the US for the Holidays and 47% of that is online (93% of that is NOT local). 
By putting tools into the hands of our communities & businesses, it incentivizes and encourages local shopping. Now it’s not just an initiative, we’ve got the tools and technology to make it happen!
Engaged Community

Giving Back becomes an everyday experience. This program is new but I feel that this alone can create a strong, kind hearted, engaged community. By offering this program to our neighbors, families, supporters and youth (I’m especially excited about how this can impact and inspire our youth) we’re teaching them that they can give back to the cause dearest to their hearts EVERYDAY!

Benefits to Your Association

Engage & Retain Members

Not only retain, but GROW your membership! Your Association can easily implement this marketing platform to offer more value & tools to your members.

Turnkey System

Plug into the Shop Local Co-Op system that includes tools like automated email campaigns and social media. These customer engagement & acquisition tools will save your Association a HUGE amount of time!!

Marketing Materials

Another huge time saver…. we provide all the marketing materials like posters, window stickers, graphics and more!

B2C Media Network

Some Associations are great at the B2B, we can help provide that Business to Consumer Network!

Revenue Share

Your association has the opportunity to create residual revenue by offering these marketing tools (associations have the choice to take revenue or not) for business that want to take advantage.

Local Media Channels

Shop Local is a community media network ( “channels”) that your Association can tap into, control and run (similar to a news network or newspaper). We reach a huge local and statewide audience!

Mobile App

Plug into this community app with thousands of downloads already! It’s like having your own with out any cost!

Community Branding

Through this community initiative you can get immediate buy-in for successful community growth.

Free Fundraising tools

The Give Back program offers a FREE fundraising tool for all nonprofits (schools, churches, etc.).

Shared Tools

Access to shared tools for your Association and your members all in one easy to use platform. And there’s no cost to your Association!

Online Marketplace

Have your own community online marketplace on your website. Think Amazon or Etsy, but local. It’s a great way to convert online shoppers to LOCAL online shoppers!


Bring in more revenue by offering a cost effective advertising avenue for your members.  Advertise your own events and such, not only local, but statewide & beyond with the Shop Local Media Network!

Benefits to Association Members (Local Businesses)


Free Business Listing

As members, local businesses receive a FREE business listing in the Shop Local Mobile App and Website.
We upload the entire list for you to save you time!

Save Time and Money!

Our Co-Op platform offers shared marketing tools, programs, resources and media channels = shared cost (there’s also a free option)!

Loyal Customers

Loyalty Rewards Tools & a Give Back program available. For business it’s a way to attract loyal customers, as well as support those customers that support them! There is also a “pay for results only” program.

Marketing Materials

Another huge time saver…. we provide all the marketing materials like posters, window stickers, graphics and more!

Online Marketing Solution

The Shop Local Co-Op Platform is a one stop shop that simplifies online marketing for local businesses!  We offer digital marketing tools needed to attract new customers and grow their business. Reach an audience with a variety of ways all in one platform!

Shared Tools & Audience

Some of the tools include: mobile app, online marketplace, coupons/deas,  text marketing, social media channels, articles/blogging ads and videos.
The best part is that there is a built in audience… so no needing to spend months gaining an audience on each tool/channel.

Local Online Marketplace

Think Amazon or Etsy… but LOCAL!  Plug into thousands of shoppers instead of having to drive traffic to your own online store. Don’t miss out on sales because so many people now shop online, 47% in fact!

Social Media Sharing

We take social media off your daily “to-do” list so you can focus on doing what you do best – grow your business. Better yet, reach an additional audience of thousands with our Shop Local channels for a fraction of the cost of traditional ads. We offer DIY or recommendation style ads.

Deals / Coupons

Customers can find deals, coupons and special promotions with the App or Website. It not only drives foot traffic to local businesses but encourages customers to bring friends as well as purchase additional items once they arrive!


Event Marketing

Publish Events on the Mobile App and Advertise them across the Shop Local Channels.

Recommendation Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing influences over 50% of purchase decisions… and Social Media is the new Word of Mouth. Plus, 14% of consumers trust advertising where 78% trust recommendations!
Let Shop Local come visit your business, take pictures, create videos and craft recommendation “ads” to sell your business for you!

Local SEO

More and more searchers (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses. Our Shop Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs can help your business stand out in the Search Engines.


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